Talk title:

Geovisualization based upon KML coding

Marianna Zichar, PhD
Associate professor

Home institution:

Department of Computer Graphics and Image Processing
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Date: 20.3.2018
Time: 9:50 - 11:20

Prednášková miestnosť (Lecture room) P09, 2. poschodie / 2nd floor

Prírodovedecká fakulta UPJŠ v Košiciach
Jesenná 5, Košice

Talk summary: Google Earth (GE) is known by most people, although only some of them use it professionally. The user interface of GE provides several tools to create custom content, but without sufficient knowledge on the KML language issues will be encountered sooner than we would have expected. The lecture highlights why we need get to know the KML language itself and demonstrates its usage by some sample applications as well.
  MultiGeometry and LineString elements displayed in Google Earth and its code fragment.