Bachelor level   (Bc.)

  • Demogeography and Demography
  • Geography of Settlements
  • Geography Population and Settlements
  • Regional Geography of Slovakia (Human Geography)

Master lelvel   (Mgr.)

  • Comparative Geography of Slovak Regions
  • Urban Geography
  • Population Development of World

List of diploma thesis and bachelor thesis:

Veronika Kababiková (2014, Mgr.) - Hungarian Ethnic Group in the Microregion of Bodva
Slávka Fajdelová (2014, Mgr.) - Spatial differential of Ruthenian Ethnic Group in the Slovakia - development, present and trend
Otília Guľašová (2015, Mgr.) - Suburbanization of the City Košice
Ivana Tothová (2015, Mgr.) - Regional disparities of unemployment population and its factors (empirical research)

Dana Semanová (2015, Mgr.) - Population projection of Košice agglomeration

 Matúš Jankaj (2015, Mgr.) - Population in churchly registry
Katarína Hojdanová (2015, Bc.) - Fear and Crime in Urban Space
Emma Jašeková (2015, Bc.) - Geographies of the Urban Night
Barbora Medviďová (2015, Bc.) - Demographic and demogeographic Trends of European Population
Daniela štupaková (2015, Bc.) - Urban atlas and potentialities of Geographical Research
Patrícia Brenková (2015, Bc.) - Age Management of Ageing Population in Economy State