Characteristic of research

  • geomorphological mapping
  • geomorphology of karst and caves
  • karst water chemistry


Running projects
years Number and name of the project
2016-2018 ESA: Simulating the cooling effect of urban greenery based on solar radiation modelling and a new generation of ESA sensors (SURGE) co-researcher
2016-2018 VEGA 1/0474/16: Simulation and dynamic visualization of geospatial processes co-researcher
2016-2017 APVV SK-CN-2015-0030: Comparative study on the karst carbon cycle and carbon sink coupling with the ecological rehabilitation under China subtropic and Slovakia temperate zones principal investigator
2013-17 APVV-0176-12: News methods od the spatial moddeling with laser scan modelling and 3D GIS (SPATIAL3D) co-researcher

OTKA (Hungary) 104811 Complex (physical- and human geographical) comparative analysis of karst and non karst landscapes from the viewpoint of modern environmental possibilism

2012-14 VEGA 1/1251/12: East part Slovak karst area geomorphological developement specifications co-researcher
Finished projects
2012-13 VVGS PF 2012-62: Modelling and 3D vizualisation of the cave corridors and surface karst landscape interaction via geographical information system co-researcher
2012-13 VVGS UPJŠ 63/12-13: Detailed relief modelling in the karst surface with the help of LIDAR distributed points co-researcher
2010  VVGS PF 40/2010/G, Morphometrical and statistical dolines analysis, mapping manual creation  principal investigator
2009-2011  VEGA 1/0161/09, Morphology and genesis of pre-Quaternary cave systems in the West Carpatians co-researcher
2008 VVGS PF 11/2008/G, Relationship between endokarst and exokarst foms in the Slovak karst principal investigator
2006-2008 VEGA 1/3062/06, Regionalisation and geographical information databasis of karst areas dates in the Slovakia, co-researcher