• spatial modelling and multiscale analysis of landscape (solar energy, water flow, erosion, urban heat island)
  • geomorphometry
  • topographic laser scanning (lidar)
  • unmanned airborne remote sensing
Duration Project title Position


VEGA 1/0798/20: Synergistic use of multisource remote sensing data in Earth system research

principal investigator


APVV-18-0044: Solar potential of urban areas and its application in the Smart City concept



Extension of the operational "Space Emergency System" towards monitoring of dangerous natural and man-made geo-processes in the HU-SK-RO-UA cross-border region - HUSKROUA/1702/8.1/0065/GeoSES


APVV/SK-CN-RD-18-0015: Key Technologies on the Integration of Multi-GNSS, LiDAR and Oblique Photogrammetry in 3D High-Quality Reconstruction of Smart City (3DSMARTCITY)

2016-20 APVV-15-0054: Physically based segmentation of georelief and its geoscience application (SEGMETN) principal investigator of domestic institution
 Duration Project title  Position
2017-19 VEGA 1/0963/17: Landscape dynamics in high resolution principal investigator
2016-18 SURGE: : Simulating the cooling effect of urban greenery based on solar radiation modelling and a new generation of ESA sensors (contract with the European Space Agency) co-researcher
2016-18 VEGA 1/0474/16: Simulation and dynamic visualization of geospatial processes co-researcher
2014-2017 APVV-0176-12: New methods of spatial modeling with laser scanning data and 3-D GIS (SPATIAL3D) co-researcher
2016-17 APVV SK-CN-2015-0030: Comparative study on the karst carbon cycle and carbon sink coupling with the ecological rehabilitation under China subtropic and Slovakia temperate zones co-researcher
2014-16 VEGA 1/0473/14: Dynamic 3-D modelling of urban landscape with a multiscale approach co-researcher
2013-15 University research park TECHNICOM for inovative applications and knowledge technologies co-researcher
2012-14 VEGA 1/1251/12: Specifics of geomorphological evolution of the eastern part of the Slovak karst.  co-researcher
2012-14 VEGA 1/0272/12: Spatial analyses and modelling for 3D GIS  co-researcher
2012-14 KEGA 002PU-4/2012: University level text book of Geographic Information Science for geographic study courses  co-researcher
2012-13 VVGS UPJŠ 63/12-13: Detailné modelovanie reliéfu krasovej krajiny pomocou priestorovo distribuovaných bodových údajov získaných leteckým laserovým skenovaním principal investigator
2009-11 VEGA 1/0161/09: Morfológia a genéza predkvartérnych jaskynných systémov Západných Karpát researcher
2011 VVGS PF 37/2011/G Mapovanie zosuvov na západnom svahu masívu Heringeš v Košiciach (PDF poster) principal investigator
2010 VVGS PF UPJŠ 39/2010/G Využitie lokálnych metód priestorovej analýzy pre hodnotenie výškovej chyby digitálnych modelov reliéfu vysokého rozlíšenia založených na údajoch leteckého diaľkového prieskumu Zeme principal investigator