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Annotation of the training with Martin Isenburg

LAStools are the fastest and most memory efficient solution for batch-scripted multi-core LiDAR processing and can turn billions of LiDAR points into useful products at blazing speeds and with low memory requirements. Martin will go through standard workflow applied on UAV-lidar data including quality check, filtering and classification, deriving DTMs and DSMs. He will also show tricks and special solutions for handling unique problems associated with massive UAV-lidar point clouds. In the final part, Martin will also show processing of point clouds derived by UAV structure from motion.

Martin Isenburg’s biography: Martin a PhD graduate from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Computer Science. He turned his expertise in processing and handling of massive point geospatial data into a successful business after founding the rapidlasso GmbH company providing the renowned software tools by for rapid and efficient processing of airborne lidar data LAStools, LASzip, and PulseWaves. Martin is a keen promoter of sharing any national lidar data free of charge and a lidar enthusiast delivering training all around the world.


Annotation of the training with Martin Isenburg


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