Responsible person: Dr. Michal GALLAY
 Technological equipment
Software licences
  • 1 licence of RiSCAN Pro for terrestrial lidar data processing
  • 1 licence of RiPROCESS for lidar data processing
  • 1 licence of RiAQUIRE ALS for lidar data processing
  • 1 licence of RT Post-Process for RTK GNSS data processing
  • 1 licence of ALMI for GNSS and lidar data integration
  • 1 licence of SDCView
  • 1 licence of NAVConfig
  • 1 licence of ENVI for remote sensing data processing
  • 1 licence of CaligeoPro by SPECIM for hyperspectral data processing
  • 1 licence of WePilot3000 for mission planning nad UAV control
  • 3 licences of Agisoft Photoscan 1.1.6 Professional Edition
  • 1 licence of PHOTOMOD v5.2 by RACURS
  • 1 academic licence of the LAStools by rapidlasso for lidar data processing

Geospatial data 

  • aerial photogrammetric stereo imagery and orthoimagery for the Slovak Karst and Košice City,
  • airborne adn terrestrial lidar data for Slovak Karst and some parts of the Košice City
Unmanned aerial system Scout B1-100 with a laser scanner and hyperspectral camera.


Airborna lidar data can be used for generating a digital model of the landscape canopy. Th example shows a part of the Silica village in Slovak Karst acquired within the SPATIAL3D project.



Satelite data of the LANDSAT8 mission can be used for calculating the surface temperature. The picture demonstrates that urban vegetation influences the ambient temperature in the city.


Laser scanning river bank erosion in the Tatra Mountains with the VZ-1000 scanner.