The Institute runs a series of research seminars throughout the academic year where the members of academic staff or invited guest speakers can present and discuss their research. The seminars are open to public. The talks can be presented in any language but Slovak, Czech, Polish, or English are preferred for the best understading.

Coordinator: Mgr. Michal Gallay, PhD.

List of seminars for the academic year of 2015/16

 Date Seminar title Presenter
5.4.2017 a topic on remote sensing with UAVs and terrestrial laser scanning  Nora Tilly
22.3.2017 Mendel's polar base in Antarctica Pavel Prošek
15.3.2017 Geospatial modelling of solar radiation at multiple levels of scale Ján Kaňuk

Rural and urban regions of Slovakia

Janetta Nestorová-Dická